The Title of Chrstopher Hays’ book, Twilight of the Elites,¬†made me think of vampires. A silly coincidence, but then I started thinking about how portrayals of vampires as hidden influences on history (like the Authority on “True Blood”) may mediate anxieties about actual economic elites.

Most conspiracy theories share enough of a family resemblance to Protocols of the Elders of Zion that I get skittish. Not necessarily a genealogy that leads back to anti-semitism, but sort of in its neighborhood and making most of the same moves. But the vampire elites have me musing about other approaches. The Gothic, someone or other wrote, captures both the bourgeoise’s fear of the power of the privileged and their envy of that power. How does this work with vampires, and could it work with our current elites? Is there a kind of “Eyes Wide Shut” corporate gothic? Or are the¬†actual lives of our elites too petty, self-congratulatory, and consumed with boring (if profitable) transactions for the Gothic to have any purchase?

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