Hang Up & Drive

My new policy on using computers & such in class.

I don’t have time to prowl around like a high school monitor and ask you to stop texting or doing other things on your smart phones. But, like most professors, I will eventually notice it and I will resent it. This means that when it comes to the class participation grade, you will be toast. If you are straddling the line between two grades, you will get the lower one. The bulk of my attention will be reserved for students who are making an effort.

So far as laptops go, if you want to take notes on your laptop during class, you actually have to take notes. I will let you have your laptop open if you email your notes to me at the end of class. I will then post your notes on the class forum. I think this would actually be pretty cool: you and your peers who take notes will be building a collaborative learning environment. But if the notes are laughably cursory, I will expect more the next time you want to use your computer in class.

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