Note to David Foster Wallace

DFW-Note  I found this photocopy of a note I wrote on the outside of a box I sent to David Foster Wallace. There was a copy of Giorgio Agamben's Potentialties inside, for which he wrote back thanking me.

NOTE: This contains a gift, and only a gift, for DFW's edification and amusement. It does not contain a novel written by me (or any novel) or some other sordid attempt at self-promotion disguised as a gift. Nor is it some day-camp-style handicraft of my own manufacture, and although this is supposedly a "manuscript box," it most definitely is NOT a manuscript.

Okay, there is a book in here, but it not by me, or a friend, or even a novel. It does seem like something DFW would enjoy, but not not across on his own (perhaps), and there is a brief (3 paragraph) narration of how I came to think that.

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