Shared by An Experience of Friendship

Salut-deleuze-friends-greet "Friends do not share something (birth, law, place, taste): they are shared by the experience of friendship.

Friendship is the con-division that precedes every division, since what has to be shared is the very fact of existence, life itself. And it is this sharing without an object, this original con-senting, that constitutes the political." (36)

Giorgio Agamben, "The Friend"
in What Is an Apparatus? Stanford UP: 2009.

This quote is from a much larger discussion of Aristotle, but the first sentences in the quotation above clobbered and fascinated me. A connection or experience that precedes, and indeed envelopes, either friend. You might even say that the friends are effects of the prior connection. There's a lot more in the essay, but for me, there's a lot more to be unpacked, pondered, and tested in the notion that friends are shared by the experience of friendship. I'm going to be mulling this for a good long time.

[Image is of Barthes, with Foucault & Lacan behind him, greeting Deleuze in the underworld after death. From the utterly delightful comic, Salut, Deleuze! by Martin tom Dieck & Jens Balzer.]

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