Syllabi & Design

I've been trying to rethink my syllabi this term by focusing on their design (which, understandably enough, has clarified their content).

So for my Junior and Senior level Art History class (which will cover complicated, interrelated issues each session), I tried to come up with a design that uses visual hierarchy to organize complicated information. I also tried to break the units and weeks up into clear visual chunks.

Download ArtH 330 Spr 10 Syllabus 1

This term I'm trying something new with my syllabus for my composition and youth culture class. Instead of packing it with a detailed, day-by-day plan (which I usually end up changing) I just included topics for the week, and any readings or assignments that are due. This gives me a good deal more flexibility (especially since students generate much of the course content). I think it's also easier, for them and for me, to take in the term at a glance.

Download Syllabus USEM 103 3-10

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