The Analytic Two-Step

  1. When it comes to other disciplines, analytic philosophy puts itself forward as being uniquely to suited to evaluate or even adjudicate those disciplines’ claims.
  2. But if another discipline gives an account of analytic philosophy itself, then analytic philosophers fall back on a narrow professionalism, claiming that only analytic philosophers are qualified to evaluate or even describe analytic philosophy.

In fact, analytic philosophers go as far as to claim, or at least imply, that only they are qualified to adjudicate what is and is not philosophy itself, dismissing other traditions or approaches as confused or misguided.


One thought on “The Analytic Two-Step

  1. This is not different from what philosophers at large have always claimed – and this is coherent with the way they have considered their discipline throughout ages. That “philosophy” be an inner strife of philosophy itself and more recently that it denies any other discipline the legitimacy to have a view about what philosophy is a trait of philosophy itself, one of its fundamental ethos. It is probably linked to the univocity of meaning and truth, both desired as some philosophical Graal. I do not see analytic philosophy as specific in this way – phenomenologists or any other philosopher is quite apt to dance this two steps… minuetto 😀 . I’d look for the disease in philosophy itself – the way it grows – rather tha in such or such current. And the cure could be found… anywhere – even in philoosphy, where it may be one of the most difficult, unlikely and therefore interesting place to look for a cure.

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