Self-Organizing Beings

I just get so fucking bored with myself that I need to hurl against something. For the moment, that something is Immanuel Kant.

In part 2 of Kant’s Critique of Judgment, he struggles to make sense of what he calls “self-organzing beings.” For Kant, the paradox of a self-organizing being is that it conflates two things that he would like to keep separate:

  1. A deterministic natural world where the objects we perceive are driven by external causes. (The First Critique)
  2. Humans, who can escape determinism by exercising free choice, a kind of internal or self-causality. (The Second Critique)

With the self-organizing being, you have something that is not human, but also appears to escape external causality. Kant has various work-arounds that I’m still learning. But for me (for now), this is the place to poke Kant’s system and see what happens.

I’m not going to come up with anything original, but I am enjoying the ride. A lot of the things Deleuze and Guattari write about organisms and organs are also beginning to make more sense.

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