The Wooster Telamons

Wooster-telamons  My sweetie is rereading a book that was a favorite of mine in high school: Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen Donaldson. I liked it so much that one of the reasons I went to the College of Wooster (aka C.O.W.) was that Donaldson was a graduate.

There's a passage in the novel that I'm confident is based on some Telamons, male figures used as a column, in downtown Wooster OH. Here's my description from another piece of writing:

Donaldson’s description of
telamons supporting a doorframe encountered by his leprous protagonist, Thomas
Covenant:  “Beggars and fanatics,
holy men, prophets of the apocalypse did not belong on that street in that
sunlight; the frowning, belittling eyes of the columns held no tolerance for
such preterite exaltation.”  Having
seen the Wooster telamons as part of a great assignment for an architecture class
at COW, there is no way that
Donaldson could not have had them in mind when he wrote that passage, and he
has subtly changed them from sedate and solemn figures to agents of menace.

 I was thinking what a shame it is that Liz has never seen the Wooster Telamons when I thought of Google street view. Not only did it have the view, it incorporated this photo by JR Perry.

Oh Internet … is their any whim you can't suckle?

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