Even Among the Muses, There Are Furies

Baseball-furies Sunt etiam in Musis furiae. Thomas More's Latin was beyond my powers, but I thought this expression was worth sharing. Here's the Yale Edition's translation of More's poem, itself a translation from the Greek:

 "On a Mad Poet" (from the Greek)
Even among the Muses there are Furies,
and it is they who make you the poet you are
and inspire you to write many poems without thought.
Come now, I entreat you, write ever so many poems,
for I find no greater fury to entreat for you than that.

103 "In Poetam Fvriosvm" E Graeco
Sunt etiam in Musis furiae, quibus ipse poeta
Fis, per quas temere carmina multa facis.
Ergo age plurima scribe precor, tibi nempe furorem
Non ego maiorem quem precer inuenio.

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