Then again, he did keep a household fool


Maybe translating this politically insensitive poem by Thomas More is why I had not one, but two dreams in the same night where Charlton Heston and I were fighting against (among others) a little person. Though to be fair to my subconscious, the little person in question was trying to kill me. The first person was male and had a baseball bat, and in the second dream, she was part of a murderous circus troop (and damn hard to hit with my machine gun).

“To a Very Small Person” (from Greek)
If you are wise,
Remain safe within the city,
So the crane, who rejoices in the blood of Pygmies,
Will not seize you!

104 “In Perpusillum” (E Graeco)
Grus ne te rapiat Pygmaeo sanguine gaudens,
Si sapias, media tutus in urbe mane.

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