Not by Fate, But Art

Hippocrates Epitaph for a Doctor (from the Greek)
Here lies the urn of Hippocrates, who lived in Thessaly,
born in Cous of the seed of immortal Phoebus.
He repeatedly snatched trophies from disease
with the armaments of medicine,
and earned great praise not by fate, but art.

44 Epitatphium Medici (E Graeco)
Thessalus Hippocrates, Cous genere, hac iacet urna
Phoebi immortalis semine progenitus.
Crebra trophaea tulit morborum armis medicinae,
Laus cui magna, nec id sorte, sed arte fuit.

My translation from volume 3 of the Yale edition of the complete works of Thomas More.

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